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mural arts & painting services

With so much going on in our fast-paced world, it’s not easy to get someone’s attention. Or keep it long enough to get your message across effectively. 

That is why you need a one-page summary visual that clearly conveys your key points in an engaging, easily consumable format.

Our human visual system has the natural ability to easily observe patterns and trends when we have all the relevant information laid out for us to see. 

This enables us to quickly and clearly process complex information – including sensing and escaping from sabertooth tigers back in the day; we’re evolutionarily hard-wired for visuals!

A one-page summary of your data will greatly simplify your quest to get your message out there, being seen and understood!

I’ll design and create a visual that strikes the ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality in order to effectively communicate all your ideas and information in a way that is engaging, easy and intuitive to follow, even for someone who’s unfamiliar with the content!


We will work together to co-create your custom piece by curating the key content into an integrated narrative. There are several ways this can occur. 

At the end of their strategy meetings, my executive leadership teams prefer to have a one-page narrative of the event, because there is so much content on all the murals created during the event, they want a single take-home messaging tool for their internal communications. 

Together we review all the event content, then co-curate the most important information from the graphic murals that I created onsite. mural arts & painting services

From this I design a cohesive one-page summary that both captures overall event intentions as well as aligns with the bigger picture story of the organization’s culture, journey, mission, vision and values.

Other clients simply have a very large amount of information or knowledge (in the form of raw data or research results, or perhaps a written speech, report, proposal, or book) that they’d like to have succinctly and attractively summarized. 

In this case, they send me all the information to be included (key content, any color preferences, visual concepts, design ideas, etc) as well as the background context for this project. 

With all the information in hand, as well as a thorough understanding of your organization and the project context, I then create a series of thumbnail sketches for the overall design. 

You choose your favorite, and I make a more detailed version. 

Once this is approved, I either make an even more refined version or go straight to creating the final 4ft x 8ft mural if we’re clear upon exactly how it should look.  

mural arts services

At the wall drawing out the 4ft x 8ft version, revisions are much more time consuming so it’s best to work out any changes in the smaller scale sketches before that stage.

If it’s a hand-drawn mural, I will then digitize it for you, and deliver both the original 4ft x 8ft mural for you to post on the wall at your home office or onsite at your talks, in addition to sending you the hi-res digital version for distribution and posting. 

Some clients prefer a one-page summary that’s created entirely digitally, in which case you’d receive all the relevant digital files for distribution and posting.


Graphic Summaries are ideal for disseminating your key messages because they can be displayed in a variety of forms using many different types of media in addition to the original wall mural.

Your original 4ft x 8ft mural can hang in your corporate headquarters, team meeting room, or behind you during presentations and Zoom calls. 

mural artist

You can use your graphic summary mural in all sorts of communication tools, including reports and workbooks, printed onto large laminated banners and posters, as pocket-sized handouts and flyers for give-aways at your talk. 

And of course t-shirts and other wearable items printed with your graphic summary will help spread your message far and wide!


You’ll love perusing my Portfolio for additional examples!

And for more in-depth write-up, check out these case studies: systems mapping Georgetown’s Red House; vision values mural for Pet Supplies Plus mission, a MattressFirm corporate merger vision mural, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Model of Flow, a pharmaceutical departmental re-branding mural,  Enterprise Data World’s executive summary murals, my Visual Bio, the summary mural  of Stereo Hearts song and a visual of The Relaxation Response book. 

Ready to find out how a Studio Mural can make all your communications more mural arts & paintingeffective? 

Connect with me today for your complimentary call.

XO Hannah