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Graphic Facilitation

Are your strategic meetings and events suffering from lack of engagement, indecision, missing consensus, lacking in trust and transparency, have unclear post-event messaging or your participants don’t remember what happened / was decided?! I can help you turn all that around to an experience of clarity, enthusiasm and accord by using Graphic Facilitation!

HOW does it work?

Graphic Facilitation leverages the power of visuals to help lead groups and individuals through any process, including visioning, strategy sessions, brainstorming, action planning, board or team meetings, coaching, or workshop exercises.

Visual Facilitation Services
Why does it work? 

Brain science shows that over 80% of people are visual learners – and all of us get it faster and remember it longer when we use a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. 

Graphic Facilitation makes it interactive by using all these modalities…and more!  

Using my innovative visual process, tools, and templates in your events dramatically enhances engagement and understanding. Together we create a genuine buzz of enthusiasm, participation, and accelerated learning!

As I guide each team or group through their unique process, my role is to listen deeply, ask questions, synthesize the information and draw out the key content, themes, and insights on a mural as they unfold.  

You get to see your words come alive real-time on a large 4 x 8 ft wall mural as you’re speaking and interacting!

Graphic Facilitation is the perfect tool to use any time people are gathered together for discussion, engaged in decision-making, celebrating an event or person, brainstorming, strategizing, planning, coaching or teaching.

Watching the dialogue being drawn out real-time while engaging in it connects participants with the material and each other in a way that enables everyone to get the big picture while being intimately engaged in the process that got us there. This is the key to consensus building!


~ increased comprehension, clarity & accountability

~ expedited group decision-making

~ greater participant engagement

~ improving team performance

~ consensus building

~ resolving conflicts & misunderstandings

~ distilling the key wisdom & knowledge

~ increasing meeting efficiency visualizing patterns as they emerge

~ creating a collective group memory


Graphic Facilitator

~ Executive Leadership Team Strategy Offsites 

~ Department or Team Launch or Re-Branding

~ Ideating Your Vision, Mission, and Values

~ Brainstorming Sessions

~ Group Conferences & Breakout Sessions

~ Keynote Addresses & Oral Presentations

~ Workshops & Seminars

~ Public, Town Hall-Style Meetings 

~ Culture Change Initiatives


~ 1:1 or Group Coaching Processes

~ Graduations, Anniversaries & Reunions

~ Weddings & Partnerships

~ Retirements 

~ Memorial Services & Remembrances

 …and any other time people are gathered together to celebrate or remember anything! 

Interested in finding out how Graphic Facilitation could be perfect for your organization or personal life event.

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The life of every organization and individual person is wholly unique. Yet, how often do we stop to reflect upon where we have been, where we are now and where we are going?  The fast pace of our hectic lives dictates that we are always pushing to do more, be more, and have more.

But living is about being in the now. About being fully present in this time and place along our journey so that we can fully experience the richness in our lives while we’re living them! 

The group storytelling experience offers a unique opportunity for us to collectively take a pause …in order to reflect on the past, to learn in the present, and to create an inspiring future together. This creates a sense of community, enrolls everyone in the ongoing journey, instills a sense of belonging, educates us about our history, and encourages a shared commitment to our future.


TEAMS: Tell the story of the team’s season or adventures together, both to honor your past accomplishments and to envision your future together. What will emerge is a unified commitment to each other and to your common purpose going forward.

ORGANIZATIONS: Include your organization’s employees in the group storytelling process. You can tell the story of a department, region or entire company through its evolution. Hang the original mural in your company office, and printed banners in all your places of business to keep alive the richness of your history together. Revisit your journey years from now to realize how you are meeting the goals you set for yourself, what has happened and the adaptations you’ve made along the way, and the narrative of your growth and development over time.

Graphic Facilitation ServicesMERGERS & ACQUISITIONS:

Map the course of your two organizations merging together to educate new associates on the history of each company so that they can understand the culture of each organization and how they evolved to be who they are today. Use this event to find common ground amongst all and create a sense of collaboration as you develop your path forward as a unified organization. 

Your participants would gather in a relaxed and comfortable environment to reflect on their journey together as part of your organization. They tell their stories, starting way back from their earliest memories, of all the events that have brought them to this current time and place. In doing so, they share their experiences of the challenges and difficulties, the failures and learnings, the victories and achievements.

Visual Facilitation

As all the stores are told, I capture them on a huge wall mural while our videographer captures them on film and/or video. This interactive, facilitated process brings participants along a measured course of their history to the present time. 

Now everyone can collectively see the evolution of their time together, then reflect on and make meaning of those events. And then together, everyone can create and declare the shared future you envision for yourselves as a unified organization. 


Involve your family and friends in telling your story as a couple: before you met, how you came to be together, and the new future you are inspired to build together. 

Well before your big day, I will interview you to understand the narrative and timeline of your lives together to date. I’d arrive at your event with a timeline sketched onto the mural based on our conversation before your big day. You can even include photos that I’ll integrate into the mural! I will have matched the mural colors, fonts, and concept sketch to your decorating theme, so it will blend right in beautifully to everything you have planned.

Graphic Facilitation Washington

During your event, the mural is posted in a visible place such as on a large flat wall, where everyone can see it evolve throughout the event. With your encouragement to participate, your guests will come up and share their contributions to your life while I capture them in words and pictures on the mural.

Throughout the event, I’ll incorporate interviews with family members, real time story-telling, past photographs and family memorabilia into your mural. Your marriage mural can be a pivotal memory to both celebrate where you are now, and refer to in years to come as you grow your new lives together as a couple and family.

Graphic Facilitation Service

After your event, I will complete the final touches to your mural in my studio, and then have it digitized for you. You’ll then get the original mural plus the digital versions in your preferred formats.

By me being in the room capturing your guest’s memories on your mural as they share their stories, you’ll be able to actively involve your guests in a unique and unusual way of memorializing your event. 

You could then deliver a digitized version of the final mural to all your guests as a remembrance of that magical event…or print it onto some snazzy swag to send as well!

RETIREMENTS: Celebrate a dedicated colleague’s retirement, or recognize the anniversary of a long tenured employee. You can create a book or digital compilation full of stories, photographs, and videos to memorialize their journey with the company.

ANNIVERSARIES & REUNIONS: You can recognize a couple’s special commitment to each other or your family’s reunion by creating a large mural full of stories, photographs and memories of your journey through history up till now, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future together.

FUNERALS & REMEMBRANCES: Bring healing and comfort to the pain of loss by gathering friends and family members together to remember the deceased’s life journey.  I can then create a treasured and everlasting digital or hard copy of the original mural that documents their life for everyone to know and share in joyful remembrance.


Check out my Portfolio for an abundance of additional examples!

For in-depth write-ups, check out these case studies: systems mapping Georgetown’s Red House; a wedding mural created at the bride and groom’s reception; Graphic Facilitation using Personas; a MattressFirm corporate merger vision mural. 

And for some great visual templates on a smaller scale, see: the Love Languages, a Complete or Recommit decision-making template, the Levels of Communication visual, a Post Mortem visual template for debriefing events / projects, and a tool for creating focused New Year’s intentions.

Ready to explore the power of Visual Storytelling at your next business off-site or personal life event?  Graphic Facilitation Service Washington

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