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2020 update: Yes, I am virtually setup here in my studio for all your events! mural artist near me

This is a screenshot of “happy hands” as my tech team calls them, sneakily taken by them during a recent client virtual executive leadership team offsite. We have a lot of fun! 

Behind me on my studio wall is one of the 4ft x 8ft murals I’m about to create real-time during their event. 

Most of my colleagues have gone virtual AND completely digital; but I strongly believe in the analog approach (me drawing it out with markers on paper).⁣

Watching me write and draw the conversation out with markers on paper provides participants with that human connection we’re so very badly missing these days!! 💖 And my clients agree!! 🤗

I also take time-lapse videos, so even though your participants don’t see each mural emerge real-time in front of them in the room as is one of the benefits of in-person meetings, you will all have a sense of how it unfolded via the video. 

AND, I am ready to be there for your in-person events, wherever you are open around the world! 

I heartily agree with JPMorganChase CEO Jared Dimon (1): our best creativity, connection and innovation are truly accomplished face-to-face!

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled FAQ:

Each project is unique, with its own special requirements, so I will provide you with an itemized estimate specific to your event. My proposal will be based on the following structure:

mural artist near me


$3,000 per day

My day rate is based on a 8-hour day; projects requiring additional time are based on accrued hours that are converted to whole or partial days and billed at the daily rate as applicable. 

This could include pre-event preparation (agenda design / discussions, background research, original graphic mural template design, in-studio pre-charting of mural templates, etc) as well as post-event wrap-up and what’s next (digitization of all murals generated at your event, a summary mural, written report, etc depending on the nature of your event).

mural artist near mePOLICIES:

  • Billable expenses include: air and ground travel, parking, lodging, meals, materials, reproductions, graphic mural digitization, scanning and shipping
  • Signed contract and 50% deposit is required to secure your event dates in my calendar.
  • Projects are billed in U.S. Funds.
  • Invoices are paid net 30 days; 1% per month thereafter. 
  • Event date or location changes occasionally occur and I’m happy to reschedule for a mutually acceptable time and place. Any non-refundable expenses incurred due to rescheduling will be invoiced.
  • Should cancellation happen for any reason, notification received 15 + days prior to the on-site event will result in payment for any completed pre-work, and reimbursement of any incurred expenses.  Notification received 8-14 days prior to the on-site event will result in payment for any completed pre-work, and reimbursement of any incurred expenses, plus 50% of on-site professional fees. Notification received 0-7 days prior to the on-site event will result in payment for any completed pre-work, and reimbursement of any incurred expenses, plus 100% of on-site professional fees. 
  • Normal domestic travel time is not billed. International travel time is billed at 50% of Hannah’s daily rates.
  • Normal domestic travel time begins the day prior to a work session and ends with return travel the next day. If any additional travel day is required, the day is billed at 50% of Hannah’s daily rate.

Take advantage of your free exploratory call!  

 I look forward to speaking with you about the circumstances of your event! 

My clients often find that this complimentary discovery call provides clarity and focus to their existing agenda and intended outcomes. 

After your call, I will provide you with a detailed proposal.  


We’ll discuss the purpose and intentions of your event, and I will help you identify the best places in your agenda that Graphic Recording will enhance your existing event content and seamlessly integrate my visual services into your team. We’ll also sort out any space and room logistics (see below) for best results. You can expect to emerge from this process with clarity and confidence that we will make this an event to remember.

I love to partner with a diverse array of facilitators and at a variety of venues. If you’ve already assembled your team, I’m happy to jump in seamlessly; and if you haven’t gotten that far yet I’ll help you create a crack team from my excellent network of stellar visual and process professionals.

Following our discussion, you’ll receive a proposal including all your options itemized. Upon receipt of a signed contract and 50% deposit, I’ll commence work, yay! 

art studio near meDURING YOUR EVENT:

I collaborate closely with you to optimize participant outcomes using Graphic Recording tools and techniques developed before your event, or even on the fly as necessary. Regularly consulting both organizers and participants alike during the event informs and guides our path through the process as new and/or unexpected developments may occur.

Your team or organization will emerge from your off-site retreat or special event having a sense of camaraderie and deep connection, full of enthusiasm to dig into your real work together as you return home. 

And each individual will have an expanded sense of self, including new ways of being and acting that help navigate the constantly changing world around us.


I quickly deliver the original and digital versions of all graphics, often compiling them into follow-up deliverables such as one-page visual summaries, for you to recall, easily share, and expand upon your event going forward. 

Often my clients desire follow-on sessions to continue building the momentum created in their events. We’ll discuss this before the event, and revisit it as we conclude and debrief what we’ve already accomplished and how best to continue evolving after your event.

art modeling studio


Your group size may vary widely depending on the nature of your event, and I’m happy to scale my services to best fit your specific situation.


Location, location, location – it’s crucial to our success! 

Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording have very specific space requirements: larger rooms with plenty of smooth wall space are essential. 

Ideally, my workspace is a well-lit area of ~12 x 6 feet with a clear line of sight and hearing to the speaker and any accompanying content (presentation, etc).

This workspace is where I’ll complete each mural, either directly on the wall or on a 4ft x 8ft board wrapped with paper that is firmly secured onto large easels.mural painting

With the murals mounted on these panels, we can display all the murals around the room as they are generated so everyone can participate in the process and see the progress we have made.

So, as you can see we’ll need plenty of space to move about, do our work and review it together! 

Find out how we can best utilize YOUR favorite SPACE!

During your free exploratory call, we will discuss the best logistic options for your specific event, whether in-person or on-line. mural painting

Connect with me today to schedule your call!

XO Hannah

(*) JPMorgan Chase Recalls Some Employees Back to the Office, Sept 23, 2020: