You need to talk with them every day, in fact. And your real ones, of course! But this article is all about creating your own make-believe mastermind group.  


Why? We are the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with, our Inner Circle. They for us and we for them provide what’s normal and expected. We rise, fall or stay status quo according to their beliefs and behaviors.


When we choose to grow and expand it’s common that we let go of some existing ones (who want us to stay status quo) and welcome in new ones (that are a match for our expanding selves). 


This is where your Imaginary Inner Circle comes in!


The people you invite to your IIC want you to expand, to be your best and highest self. They exemplify characteristics that you aspire to embody, and are willing to help you develop them in your own way. They are real persons; but that you don’t actually speak with in real life. They can be alive or dead. For example, one of my clients greatly admires James Baldwin, for his eloquence, articulation, getting right to the heart of a matter, powerful presence, wisdom and making the complex easily consumable by all. 


She asked James to join her IIC, and he said “Yes!”. As a part of building on that relationship, she can now directly ask him for help in developing her own eloquently powerful presence, etc., in the areas that matter to her. 


I gave her homework to identify at least 3 other public persons, alive or dead, and why they inspired her. She eloquently phrased it as “Who else would I sit down and have a coffee with?”So who do YOU want to sit down and have a coffee with?


Who are YOUR role models: those people you admire for certain qualities you wish to be? And WHY (what are the special traits they display)?


Ask them to join your IIC! And if they say yes, have coffee together! 


Let us know in a comment below how this all goes for you, so everyone can benefit from your experience!


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One of the things you’ll do there is create your own imaginary mastermind. We’ll go into it in greater depth; but this article gives you the concept. Try the exercise today: when done with intentionality, you’ll see an impact on your mindset and mood immediately, and results soon follow!


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