Each evening I journal out two lists: “I like…” and “I wish…”Everything from the day goes on one or the other. Some things go on both lists!


I might have done something well AND wish I’d also accomplished another aspect of it. For example, this morning I got in a solid hour of painting before hitting the gym at 6am, then into my coaching calls. Yay!!


AND, if I’d made it a solid 1.5hrs, I’d have finished that section of the painting I was working on.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing that 90 minutes for sure!!

Why is this simple daily debrief essential to do every. single. day?


It improves my PRODUCTIVITY. From an inspired place (wow, it felt great painting this morning and I can see the results, I’ll do even better tomorrow) vs make-wrong (I’m such a slacker).

It’s important to CELEBRATE everything, big and small. Sometimes I get to the end of the day, and just out of sheer fatigue feel like it wasn’t super successful. But when I write that “I like…” list, realize that actually I’m pretty darn satisfied about today!! By looking at each day’s actions and results, I get to see my o own PATTERNS quickly. Things only make it onto the “I wish…” list for so long before I’ve had enough of that and make the behavioral changes to move them to the “I like…” list.


Taking this quiet time at the end of the day helps my mind and body relax. I experience much BETTER SLEEP, because whatever did or didn’t happen that day I’ve completed and cleared the whole day out of my system and am truly ready to rest now.


Tomorrow morning I’m already ready to go, because the “I like…” and “I wish…” lists from the night before naturally segue into what I’ll tackle the next day. Being setup for success each day begins the night before – it’s all about MOMENTUM!!


Try it tonight – even for the whole week! – and let us know how it goes in a comment below!!


Living our best lives is all about consistency with our daily practices, performed with intentionality and focus. If you are ready to uplevel yours, reply to this email with what are your goals (now and lifetime), core values and commitment level!!


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