I was recently commissioned to complete a series of discrete illustrations to serve as visual examples of the key benefits my client was seeking to convey for participating in a particular event. Why did he want them to be hand-drawn? 


While it’s true that computers are making our lives easier, and digital art has many benefits, there’s just something special about hand-made. As my client puts it, “hand-drawn has more visual and emotional impact” 


Why is this?


* Resonance

Mark-making is hard-wired for us human beings: even our ancestors grabbed charcoal or mud and drew on cave walls. 

* Recognition

We’ve all drawn something, whether it’s a simple stick-figure, a back-of-the-napkin roadmap to our house, a diagram to explain something, or a complex and detailed illustration.


* Availability

The diversity of mediums available for illustration is only limited by one’s imagination, personal preferences (and perhaps budget): successful artists are using everything from the most dynamic such as bicycle drawing machines to the most simple such as ball-point pens. 


* Renaissance

Digitally-produced artwork has it’s appeal and purposes just as any new methods. Yet in our increasingly digital world, more of us are craving the unique, one-of-a-kind artistry and craftsmanship that comes from creating original, one-off artwork by hand. 


In this case my client was looking for a series of discrete illustrations depicting visual examples of the benefits of attending their conference. We had a couple calls to define the scope and specifics of each set of drawings (the theme, wording, branding, colors, size, layout, etc: the more clear you are at the beginning, the quicker and more cost effective our work together can be because we’ll have less revisions). 


I then made concept sketches for approval, to which revisions were made. Then I created the final illustrations. A few relatively minor revisions later, the final pieces were delivered via DropBox. 


We created these illustrations with versatility in mind, so that my client can leverage them in many ways, including their marketing emails, on their website, post them to social media, include them in their printed conference welcome packets, make t-shirts, and on and on…


Do you have a key message or complex concept that you’d like to communicate more clearly?


We all know a picture says 1000 words, so contact me today and let’s get your voice heard – thru my hands! 




XOhannah artist