As you can see in this closeup from a mural I created onsite with clients, it’s key to make sure they are aligned with your vision, mission, values and metrics!

When we know what we are doing (clear job description) and why we are doing it (how what I’m doing fulfills on our organization’s mission and vision) we naturally experience an increased level of engagement. 


Incorporating a clear line-of-sight straight thru the vision, mission, values, strategy, goals and metrics provides everyone – employees, leadership, even clients! – with the space to operate at their optimal performance, both individually and together.


What’s the difference between all these: vision, mission, strategy, and goals?


Each one could be a whole topic of conversation, but briefly:

A vision statement describes where I (as an individual) or we (as an organization) want to be in the future. For example, the vision for Hannah Sanford Studios (HSS) is optimal actualization and achievement by all individuals and organizations.


A mission statement explains how I / we will achieve my/our vision. For example,  HSS mission is to create clarity and collaboration with visual communications.


A strategy describes the methods I / we will employ in order to fulfill on my/our vision and mission. For example, HSS provides Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, One-Page Summary Visuals, Custom Illustrations, and Coaching services together with clients either onsite or virtually as appropriate for each project. 


Now that we know where we want to go (vision) and how we will get there (mission and strategy) we can include some more detailed goals. 


Our goals should be S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based) and regularly tracked – what gets measured gets done! 


For example, instead of a general annual goal to “expand HSS”, a SMART version of that goal could be to “expand HSS by onsite with 3+ client per month and in-studio with 3+ client projects per month, including 2+ international clients”. 


So in this case even an action such as renewing my passport can be something that must be accomplished in order to fulfill on this goal, which fulfills on HSS mission and vision. And the person inside the HSS org who is tasked with this seemingly mundane activity can see how it is in fact quite meaningful and essential!


Does your org have a clear vision, mission, strategy and goals? If so, share them in a comment below!


If not, email me today to setup a call: I’d love to help you clarify them!





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