This is a series of Graphic Recordings captured at a convening of leading universities discussing the evolution of higher education. They are endeavoring to keep at the leading edge of higher education by re-designing post-secondary education to best prepare their students for the current and future world.   In order to share their project successes and failures, best practices, brainstorm new ideas and identify opportunities to collaborate, they commissioned me to provide a live recording of their conversation in words and pictures on large paper murals around the room.  


My role when Graphic Recording includes listening for big picture themes / ideas / narratives, capturing key details from down in the weeds, as well as mapping the organization of all the content, and identifying any a-ha’s, action items, etc. One of the ways I accomplished that at tt this meeting of Higher Education professionals, was to use color, shape and space to differentiate the 3 topic areas (innovation and R&D; the people, skills and capacities we have; what’s missing) of discussion, which representatives from each attending university shared about from their own experiences. 


Why is Graphic Recording a valuable tool onsite? Each person present is heard, everyone can see both the big picture and the details, common themes and ideas are identified and categorized, and we can understand the areas where we are making progress or are stuck.  


What I mean by this is that by drawing and writing out the discussion we get to see what areas / issues are FULL in the wall mural, and can then ask: What actions do we need to take to resolve these areas? Are we talking a lot about it but not making real progress on this?


And we get to see which areas / issues / topics are mostly EMPTY in the wall mural, and can then ask: Are they really issues or not? Are we ignoring this topic? Are we not yet ready to discuss / deal with it? If this is the case, why not: what else do we need to know / do first?


My clients report a distinct feeling of accomplishment having the Graphic Recording murals of their dialogue in the room. Why? Because usually conversations are spoken and then disappear, so we can attend meetings all day and feel like nothing was accomplished. But having it up there for all to see both keeps us on track to fulfill our intentions for the meeting, and realize we have accomplished a lot and here’s the record of it! 


After the event, I digitize all the murals created onsite, so participants will also have a custom take-home set of visual notes to refer back to when reviewing the day, reporting back to their respective organizations about what was learned, discussed and decided, and creating next steps for each organization and/or collectively as an industry. You can see more examples in my portfolio, read more about Graphic Recording, and contact me today to schedule your own live Graphic Recording!


Many clients also find that a post-event co-curation of the key content from these meetings / retreats / conferences in a Summary Mural provides great clarity in post-event activities of people in the room as well as communications to others in the org who were not in the room as an accountability tool and line-of-sight for sharing all individuals importance in the org. Read about specific examples of that here, here and here and in general about Summary Murals here.


What are you waiting for? Connect with me today and we’ll get started!






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