This mural is a hand-drawn 4ft x 8ft depiction of the “Red House”, the location for Georgetown University’s Designing the Futures.  


What are the benefits of commissioning such a large-scale hand-drawn summary mural for your organization? 


The Red House’s one-page visual summary allows viewers to now:


* See All of What is Available

Everyone gets on the same page! Both internally in your group as well as across your whole organization. And in this case externally too; where the Red House clients are their students, professors, etc. 


* Clarify Your Value Proposition

By identifying what you are known for providing. As you can see in the top and right of this mural, Red House is creating sustainable models for transforming higher education. They are known for a culture of innovation, being a community of educators, creating a more integrated University and serving the larger Higher Education community.


* Define How You Work

By drawing out how you do what you do. The Red House now has clarity regarding how to go about their daily responsibilities, and can give their customers an understanding of what to expect when working together: in the top right of the mural you can see that they deliver on all that they provide by knowing who they are, being bold and ambitions, having certainty, being self-confident with passionate, having a clear identity, and considering the whole person, knowledge creation and the common good.


* Identify Your Relationships 

By visualizing how who you are and what you do relates (or doesn’t!) to other individuals within your group, groups within your organization, and any other stakeholders. Now knowing this can help the Red House leverage all their relationships to more quickly and effectively fulfill on their mission of connecting funding and philanthropy by being a convener in a safe, neutral space.


* Define Who You Work For

By distinguishing who you are serving.  As you can see at the bottom, the Red House stakeholders include their University students, faculty, staff, donors, admin and alumni by scanning the landscape for source ideas, models and precedent that build upon and inform  their agile design cycle. Knowing exactly who they are serving and what they need allows the Red House to design and facilitate projects which will best assist their stakeholders in realizing a maximum impact higher education experience.


Ok so now that you want one for yourself, how does this process work? Easy peasey! 

1. Shoot me an email and we’ll setup a time to talk


2. I’ll come onsite and facilitate a discussion with you and your group to clarify the key information (such as the whiteboard version you see here that we completed at the Red House)


3. We’ll co-create your one-page summary mural starting with quick concept sketches and getting progressively more detailed until you’re happy with both the overall design and content


4. I’ll create the hand-drawn mural in my studio


5. I’ll digitize it for you, and deliver to you the original 4ft x 8ft mural as well as the high-res digitals 


6. You can hang the mural in your desired office space for all to see, and use the digital versions in your corporate communications (we’ll talk about a myriad of ways you can maximize this content both internally and in client-facing applications too)


See, super easy and lots of fun!


What are you waiting for? Connect with me today and we’ll get started!






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