…your participation! (Well, sort-of… read on thru for the real answer!)


One of the ways we ensure people get the most out of their attendance at our leadership trainings, is to re-convene a few weeks after our workshop to share stories about what new techniques they’ve tried out and what happened.  


We ask them these 3 questions:












1. What did you LEARN?

What was it (the module, a personal a-ha!, etc) that you learned during the training that made a big impact on you? Big enough for you to go back and try out something new. Which brings us to:


2. How did you USE IT?

What were you doing before, and what did you try differently this time?


And finally:


3. What was your RESULT?

What happened: a home run or did you strike out? Probably somewhere in between. To fully answer this question, you need to think about what’s the impact of these new behaviors you’re trying on you AND on the people in your lives? 


Also consider that results can be tangible, something we can measure, like a better quality product or increased efficiency. They can also be experiential, something we feel, such as increased teaming or a greater sense of trust and transparency.


As you describe these results, ask yourself: what was the only thing that changed? 


Really, it was YOU. The way you thought changed based on what you learned, which changed the way you behaved. So the real answer to “The only thing you can change is… YOURSELF!”


And you can influence others. Because as you proceed with leveling yourself up, the people that you work and live with will notice and hopefully begin to follow suit themselves. Try to focus on looking for the positive new changes!


And remember: anytime you’re trying something new, try to be compassionate with yourself (and everyone else): you’re trying new stuff that you’ve never done before, which may be (should be!) out of your comfort zone. It’s also out of the comfort zone for everyone else who knows you to think and act a certain way and expects that to continue. Change – even change for the better – is always a challenge. So be patient, and try to eat the elephant one bite at a time. 


Just kidding, don’t eat an elephant! But you get the point: try one thing new, and do it every day till it becomes a habit for you and others. Then try the next thing new… and so on… 


Have you used this facilitation technique too?


If so, how? If not, try it out!


Either way, let us know in a blog comment below!






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