A recent article in the Harvard Business Review reported on their research into identifying the specific attributes of high-performing CEOs. I thought you might be interested too, as these top 4 behaviors seem applicable to all you leaders out there making a difference in every area, not just in the world of business. 


As you can see in this summary sketch I made, the most successful CEOs tend to demonstrate the following 4 habits:



Great leaders consistently making decisions early, quickly and with great conviction, even when in unfamiliar territory and with incomplete information. They know that a wrong decision is better than a lack of direction.



Is the habit of giving everyone a voice but not a vote. The best CEOs demonstrate great composure as they identify the needs, motivations and priorities of all their stakeholders, and then get them on board to deliver high performing business results. 



The best business leaders consider setbacks to be growth opportunities (rather than failures) to learn and can adjust to a rapidly changing environment. They spend about 50% of their time proactively focusing on the long-term perspective, allowing for early identification of trends and changes.



Great leaders have the ability to consistently produce results and follow through on commitments. They possess strong organizational and planning skills, and surround themselves with strong teams and systems for best performance. Setting the bar high and focusing on performance rather than loyalty or personal comfort are essential aspects to creating the right team.


While these behaviors seem quite simple, the key (and challenge!) is to practice them with extreme consistency. When you think about your own leadership, which of these attributes do you already do well? 


And which one of these attributes will you take on to develop in yourself?


Personally I’m going to focus on reliably delivering stellar results. Share yours in a blog comment below!






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P.S Definitely read the whole article, there is a lot of juicy and actionable information present there for all of us who aspire to be great leaders! 


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