For those who aspire to high performance (and if you’re reading this, I know you do!), conducting a review at the end of each event or project is essential information for our growth and development (read my blog on how to do a “Post Mortem“). 


We also need to take a bigger picture view, and a deeper dive. So where to start? With the goals you set for yourself this past year. Which ones did you accomplish (or not) and why (or why not)?


Now go deeper. Which ones make you HAPPY? 


Not just happy like yay I can cross that one off the list, but HAPPY like your heart is full, you’re sitting up straighter and feeling full of energy. Why bother with this step? Well, why bother spending a whole year getting after something that doesn’t really light you up, from the inside out? 


Because if you’re truly aligned with your goals, you’ll go farther faster with less effort – and a lot more fun – than even seems possible. But if you’re not, every day will seem like a struggle that takes a lot of energy without making much real progress. I’ve stubbornly (valiantly I thought) pushed myself thru these dark cold lonely places before; now living in the light warmth love and support of alignment is ab-so-lute heavenSo come on in and join me! 


Here’s another way of approaching it: for each of your goals, how do YOU feel about them? Just you. Not anyone else’s wishes, dreams and aspirations for you. Only your own. How do YOU feel about them?


Perhaps you’ve achieved your goals, and are ecstatic. Excellent, you’re on the right track! What will you do next year to expand this more?


Perhaps you achieved your goals, and are not super satisfied about it. There may be something different or deeper that you didn’t realize you really wanted. Ask yourself “Why did I want this?” Keep asking until you feel something shift, a settling in your gut or a shiver up your spine. THAT is what to get after, the deeper truth under the original goal. What will you do this year that’s aligned with your new knowledge? 


Perhaps you failed to achieve your goals, and actually don’t feel that bad or upset about it. It could be that they are something you thought you wanted or someone else wanted for you, but they aren’t truly important to YOU. It’s ok to let them go. This should feel like a relief, as if you’re freed up and lighter. What (if anything) will you do next year instead of this? Something might come up immediately, but let it sit awhile and see what else wants to emerge, or just enjoy the feeling of open space.


NOW set your goals for this coming year. I created this heart-centered template for you to jot down what you’re leaving behind (this becomes the nutrient-rich compost that fertilizes the seeds you plant for this year) AND what you’re bringing into being (which may take flight into an even greater existence than you can now imagine).


I’m SO eager to hear about your results – and maybe more importantly your experience of life – at the end of next year now that you are acting from your authentic inner self.


Meanwhile, let us know how this heart-centered goal setting process goes for you in a blog comment below!






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