I’ve moved into a new art studio y’all! It’s actually a combo live-work space, does it really get any better?!


Getting here was one of my New Year’s intentions. It went something like this “I have moved from the basement to the penthouse” in a combo live-work space. Sounds kind of flaky right? Or perhaps even impossible? 



Early in the year I looked around for a few months, but nothing turned up. Sometimes the timing isn’t right yet, no matter how much we want it to be. But over the summer my landlord gave me notice, so it was definitely time to make things happen!

Lo and behold, the first place I went to see was the one. From Craigslist, no less. It was a beautiful space, just perfect for a live-work studio situation, and ideally located in vibrant little community.

Things moved quickly: I visited the day he’d started advertising, put in an application, and we were well on the way as all the background checks and such went thru with flying colors.
But the journey between that first visit and moving in was several weeks of growth and expansion in ways I hadn’t anticipated. For starters, this was the first lease I’ve signed on anything as a business owner. So instead of providing a pay stub or W2, I had to provide 2 years of tax returns, my projected 2016 income, and bank statements. 
Seemed like a bit much, but ok if that’s how I need to show the Universe (and my new landlord) that I’m ready for the penthouse (yes, this new place is on the top floor!) well then on go my big-girl panties and let’s roll! 


At one point in the process it even seemed like all was lost as my prospective new landlord decided to proceed with other potential tenants while I scrambled to get my taxes done early this year for his review. 

Given that, I looked around at a few other places, but they just didn’t feel right. So I forced myself to patiently wait for that “ahhh, yes! this is home” feeling again. 


Amazingly enough, the morning after that little self-talk session, I saw this same listing on Craigslist again! I reached out to inquire if it was still available or just an old listing… you guessed it: still available.

The rest as they say is history. Things moved quickly again and within days I was in my new home and studio space.  As you can see in these photos, I’m already getting busy creating: moved in my easel the same day as I signed the lease!


Gonna fill all these blank walls with some brand new murals and paintings, so stay tuned…


Have you ever had an adventure like this finding (or rather, attracting!) the right place to live or work? If so, share your story in a blog comment below, we’d love to hear all about it!









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