Usually I share more finished murals, but today I thought talking a little bit about this process piece might be useful to y’all.


It started out as a little lettering practice up at the wall one day when I was feeling distracted and unproductive. Simply standing at the wall and practicing the letter forms over and over again seemed to soothe my frustration and focus my attention. 


So much so that I soon found myself back in flow, and inspired to dive into my work. 


Turns out there’s such as thing as “moving meditations”, which use slow, continuous physical movements to focus and center the body and mind. Common methods include rhythmic activities such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga; more active versions such as walking, running or swimming can also be considered moving meditations. 



I chose to write the word “Love” over and over because I wasn’t feeling loved at that particular moment. Taking the time to letter it out started me thinking about all the ways that I do feel loved.


After a few moments of this, my experience actually shifted from aloneness into alignment. Whatever the word I choose (it’s different every time), this form of moving meditation has since turned into a practice that I use regularly to get grounded, focus my attention, and get in the flow. 


The second mural posted here is from another day when I was inspired to do my moving “Love” meditation again, while also having a little fun with different color combinations to see what would look good together.  


Why would I share this exercise with you?


It seems a simple and fun method for anyone who wants to get in their zone, do inspired work …or even just to relax! 


Maybe all you facilitators, coaches and trainers out there could even use it with your clients in onsite events as a presenting tool by asking participants to choose their own word to write out on a piece of paper for 20 minutes.


Then share why they chose that word, and how their experience of themselves was at the beginning compared with the end of the exercise.


The word you choose can be selected for a specific purpose, or totally open to whatever pops into your mind at the moment. If doing this yourself, what word would you use right now?


Write it out and post your results in a blog comment below!





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