If you’re asking “what voice in my head?” right now, that’s the voice!


I was introduced to this concept while reading Michael Singer’s excellent book The Untethered Soul. And of course it inspired me to create this mural to summarize the key content. It’s a tough task: this mural is actually only about the first chapter!


As you can see in the center of the mural, Singer’s central point is that the voice in our head is constantly narrating the world around us.


Why? To make us feel safe and in control.


But this means our conscious minds can only experience our own mental model of reality, not reality itself, because we use our minds as a buffer from life instead of really living it openly, as it is.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach of course. But perhaps you do not want to constantly be limited by your own mind. Me neither!


So how can we be free from this situation and just live life as it’s happening?


Check out the right side of the mural for this part: we can step back and observe the voice. We can know that you and I are not the voice. We are the one who hears it! And we can know that it’s okay to feel uncertain and vulnerable, even exposed. The important thing is to stay open!


I’ve been practicing this lately. Have you tried it yet? Share your experiences in hearing or observing the voice in your own head in a blog comment below!


If you have a content-rich book, proposal or report that could benefit from a one-page visual summary, shoot me an email and let’s create one for you. Your readers will thank you for it!


On a side note, in this piece I experimented with writing and drawing everything out in a skinny black marker then backfilling the illustrations and some key text in color. What do you think of this style?







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