We all strive to perform well ourselves, and to create high-performing teams when we are working together with others. To establish and maintain a high achievement attitude, even at an individual level, we must have a clear set of values upon which to model our behavior.


But as important as that aspect is, at the core of our values must be a solid beating heat upon which our potential is be founded.


At a recent corporate offsite, we defined the aspects of their high-performance culture as including their people, purpose and processes. 


The potential at the heart of this particular culture was self-identified as integrity, service and passion. 


We realized that it starts with the individual self, and then expands to our team, further out to the entire company, and even further out into the local community.


By being grounded in this heart of their potential, the members of this organization always have a central reference point to operate from, and hold each other accountable to being, speaking and acting.


Life is much easier to live inside of a commitment to a values-based behavioral model: there are many decisions that are simply already made ahead of time and do not even need to be considered in the moment.


What are your own personal and professional values? Have you developed a set of associated behaviors aligned with these values?


If so, what are they and how is it working out for you?


If not, why not?! Share in a blog comment below!!







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