This colorful project was super cool (but really, they all are, and I’m so thankful to have such a variety of projects!).


I was commissioned to support a big departmental re-branding by creating a Studio Mural that would convey their new logo and department culture as well as introduce each individual department member. 


Basically I got to be an anthropologist: going onsite for a few days to observe the members of the tribe in their native environment, noting their cultural norms and ways of working together, as well as their own unique personalities.


I spent a few dynamic days there in their place of work, watching how they all operate together, both as a whole team and on their project teams. as well as interviewing each individual team member about their personal and professional passions.


While there I was also creating a series of concept sketches for the overall design and some key details of the content of their summary mural. We originally included their mission statement and all sorts of other information, but cut most of that content out to keep the light, fun feel with movement and momentum that they desired.


Back in my studio, I then created the final piece, including small cameos of each individual department member with their photos, and both an illustration as well as written representation of their personal and professional passions. 


What would you do with this kind of piece? Well, there are lots of options: in terms of internal exposure, this department unveiled their mural in a special internal org event, hangs it in their meeting room for all to see, and uses hi-res printed copies in all their handouts (folders, etc) at the learning and development events they host for their organization.  


They’ve found it was a very effective way to re-introduce themselves – and we can even update personnel changes as their department evolves! 


One of the best parts was how each team member felt well heard and represented on the final piece – and thus in their organization – a very rewarding experience for all of us (one of my core values is that everyone is heard).


Have you ever created a one-page, hand-illustrated summary of your business, team or department? It’s definitely a different approach. Let me know your thoughts in a blog comment below, or send me an email if you’re interested in one for your own org!