This mural is a personal process piece. Ummm, a what?
I’ve discovered that going “to the wall” and making spontaneous marks, lines, words and pictures on a big piece of blank mural paper is an amazingly effective way for me to process any issues, feelings or questions that I’m faced with – in this case learning to trust myself.
It’s a very liberating experience to get all that emotion that’s inside of me out into the open to be seen. Mostly just by me, of course, but sometimes with you too!
There’s a physical processing that my body experiences through the act of creating this art. In a very organic, right-brained sort of way, things move through me and out onto the paper. Naturally when looking it over afterwards, my left-brain finds that some pretty informative insights and a-ha’s can arise through this process as well, which can lead to inspired actions and previously unrealized outcomes.
I do this intuitive mural-making regularly, and you should too! Of course, you don’t need such a large piece of paper – even just doodling on a blank (no lines!) journal page or piece of computer paper can do the trick. 
But honestly there IS something extra special about using my whole body in this exercise. So if you dare to go big, do it! Just pickup a few of the flipchart-sized sticky pages from an office supply store and get started today! Post a comment about how it went and what you got out of it…
Do you already doodle or use art-making to process your own emotions or work through any issues you’re faced with? If so, I’d love to hear how you do it! Post your process in a blog comment below…




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