An intention is the creative beginning to every one of our dreams. Deepak Chopra describes intentions as a “directed impulse of consciousness that contains the seed form of that which you aim to create”. 


But just like real seeds, our intentions cannot properly grow and develop if we hold onto them tightly. It’s only when we surrender our intentions into the rich soil of potentiality that they will be able to mature and bear fruit. 


Is there a proper way to create focused intentions? While there’s no right or wrong way, some best practices are recommended. Here’s a brief description of the process I created for myself this New Year’s Eve:


First, I spent some alone time quietly reflecting. It’s best to create focused intentions in a quiet, peaceful state of mind. From a place of restful awareness, such as that brought about by meditation, our creative intuition may make itself heard.  


During this time, I asked myself if I fully believed that I can achieve my focused intentions. This is because fundamentally, our most deeply held, unconscious core beliefs must be aligned with our conscious beliefs for them to become our reality. To quote Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” 


I then further tapped into my instinctive, right-brained mind by creating two collages: one collage of the things I wanted to leave behind, then another collage of the things I wanted to bring forth. Each collage was composed only of images, and created rapidly without allowing my conscious, thinking, left-brained mind to judge, question or evaluate.


For each of these two collages, I jotted down the key words to summarize them on “My Focused Intentions for 2016” template. Click on the orange link to download your own blank copy to use! 


It then seemed appropriate to physically let go of that which I wanted to leave behind, so I went outside and burned the leaving behind collage to a complete crisp in my backyard. By letting go of the past, I now had a wide open space available into which I could create my future.


Into this pristine clearing, I examined my bringing forth collage. To capture it’s fulfillment in a more tangible form, I wrote down some key goals on the bottom section of  “My Focused Intentions for 2016” template. This process has planted my intentions and desires into the broad, fertile field of all possibilities as well as anchored them in my logical, thinking mind too. 


Now that my focused intentions are firmly planted, I can relax. Really, that’s it? Yes! Just as one allows seeds to grow forth from the rich soil into which they were planted, it’s important to let go and trust that my intentions will flourish and bear fruit.


Right now it’s most important for me to calmly, confidently believe that everything will work out exactly as it should. My work now is to remain open and receptive to all the opportunities flowing my way, and to act on any openings that arise.


What are your practices for creating focused intentions? Share them in a blog comment or on your favorite social media platform!