I’ve had an absolute blast creating my own Visual Biography as an 8ft-long mural in my studio. Certainly lends perspective to literally see one’s life journey all drawn out in full color on the wall! 


It’s interesting to consider how my first professional career in the life sciences informs my current Visual Process work. I seem to have a deliberate approach to my Graphic Facilitation work today that was developed over the years of observation and analysis conducting vaccine research in the laboratory.

And, even further back, to notice that I grew up in the misty mountains of two states with the mottos “Freedom and Unity” and “Live Free or Die.” It’s no wonder that I needed to get out of a traditional job-based lifestyle into the wide-open adventure of creating my own future as an entrepreneur.
My growth and expansion in order to be able to make this leap – not too long ago! – was greatly facilitated by a number of very dear coaches and mentors, which I chose to show as my foundation along the bottom. They, along with my supportive friends and family, as well as an increasing number of beloved clients, were clearly integral to my successful launch of Hannah Sanford Studios. I’m forever grateful for all your support, past, present and future!
Just out of curiosity, I just reviewed my “About Hannah” page, which included a nicely typed out version of who I am, and how I came to be. Personally I’d much rather check out my visual biography! Yeah, I’m probably a little biased, but here’s why: not only is it more appealing to the eye, the design of my visual biography inherently tells my story in a way that the written word alone can never show. There’s a visceral, instinctive understanding of my evolution that becomes available only when one views a visual representation of my life.

 A mural of someone’s life can also be a totally unique way to celebrate major events such as weddings, retirements or to memorialize a loved one that has passed on (click on the orange link above to see my mural at a wedding reception). Let me know if you’ve a special event coming up and would like to commission one for yourself, a friend or family member!

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