This mural captures the key content of a Mark Goulston interview, wherein he explains how to become a better listener. As you can see,  the key is getting people to talk about what is most important, critical and urgent to them.


Rather than reactively talking at or over people, he encourages responsible listening to people, and ideally receptive listening with people. 


The key is to leaving people feeling heard, and with the experience of getting gotten. It doesn’t mean we agree with them necessarily, just that we’ve actually let them get stuff off their chest without any interruptions, judgements or assessments.


Clearly to “just listen” is easier said than done, and takes practice. But frankly it’s an enormous relief to simply listen without the need to strategize a reply. And it’s definitely a precious gift to just be listened to by another person. 


What are your experiences of just listening to someone or being just listened to yourself? 


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