One of the things I love about Graphic Recording is the really interesting and useful content that I get to learn while doing my work. This piece was recorded live during a CBODN Community of Practice talk by the “HR Sage”, Wendy Luke, where she shared her 3 daily practices for realizing all your goals, both professional and personal.


The first practice Wendy suggested is to generate a Painted Picture of what you want your life t0 be like in three years. Literally write out in detail everything that you’re seeing, feeling, hearing, experiencing, where you’re living, what you’re doing, who you’re with, what you look like, and any other details that are important to you. 


This is the future that you’re living into, that you’re creating for yourself. Wendy suggests that we start and end each day with a few moments of wallowing in the life we are deliberately creating for ourselves by reading and visualizing it in great detail.


And to support us on taking the actions to fulfill on our Painted Picture, Wendy suggests two practices: the use of Transformative Questions and Kaizen. 


Transformative Questions can only be answered by a Yes, No or a #, so they are very easy to track. Did you or did not not do what / how many you said you’d do?


Some folks are great at tracking these results themselves, and others find an accountability partner is most helpful. This person is someone in your life whom you speak with for 5 to 15 minutes every day to report in on the results of your Transformative Questions and hear their results. They say what get’s measured gets done, right? I’m pretty motivated, but can honestly say that knowing I’ll be telling someone about my results definitely gives me that extra oomph to get it done.


The third practice Wendy spoke about was Kaizen, which is the practice of continuous improvement.  Originally introduced by Masaaki Imai in Kaizen, the Key to Japan’s Competitive Success, this principle of small, important changes that add up to significant results is an essential aspect of a person or organization’s long-term success. 


So there you have it, 3 things to do or review every day that will support you in fulfilling on all your goals! 


Have you used any of these practices yourself? If so, what results have you noticed? If not, try them out!


…and either way, let us know how it goes in a comment to this post or in your favorite social media platform!




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