A strategic vision is a clear picture of what success will look like for us at a particular time in the future. It’s an inspiring and motivational description that articulates exactly where we are going.  A clear strategic vision makes all our decisions much quicker and easier, and with more freedom, like feeling the wind in your sails as you surge forward. 


It’s not just wishful thinking. A vision must also be strategically sound, with a reasonable probability of being achieved in the stated time frame. As well, it must have buy-in from all parties involved in achieving the desired future state.


One method for enrolling everyone in a strategic vision is to have a large one-page visual representation, such as a Studio Mural like the one I recently created for Evans Incorporated (they asked me to keep it internal to them otherwise I’d share it here with you). 



Having this large (4ft x 8ft) vision mural illustrated with graphic imagery depicting fulfillment of their 2020 Vision encouraged all the Evans Incorporated employees to understand and add their ideas to the strategic plan that they are all developing to achieve their vision. It empowers everyone to have a clear understanding of where we are all going, and makes choosing our actions quite simple: will this bring me closer to fulfilling on my vision or not? If so, have at it! If not, find a behavior that will! 


Crafting a strategic vision is a lot easier and less time-consuming than you might think.  Getting started should take you no more than 30 minutes to an hour. 


Yes, it’s that simple, and no you don’t need to gather data, consult advisors, research the market or assess your finances. Why not? Visioning comes from the inside out. It’s based on your beliefs, what you’re really passionate about, and what you desire.


Never created a strategic vision and want some support? Shoot me an email: I’d love to guide you through the process! 


If you have created your own strategic vision, share your results and best practices with us in a blog comment or on social media!





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