Recently I had the opportunity to provide Graphic Recording at a Creative Facilitation mini-workshop led by Liteman-Rosse, Inc for about a hundred Organizational Development (OD) alumni and students of American University’s Masters of Science in OD program plus alumni from the Liteman-Rosse Creative Facilitation Certificate Program.


The event was a freewheeling and super fun learning experience designed for us all to willingly dive headlong into four very different creative facilitation exercises used by Liteman-Rosse with their own clients at offsite retreats.  


For each of these four creative facilitation exercises, we all had the unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge by running through the exercises as participants. And then we all debriefed each one together to share ideas about any modifications we could possibly make to adapt these exercises to different client situations. 


Personally it was an adventure and a new challenge to attend both as a participant and as Graphic Recorder. I jumped into the participant role during the exercises, and into my Graphic Recorder role during the debriefs. And discovered the mindset for each is very different!


But it was well worth the extra effort, because as well as providing the participants with a real-time visual record of their experience during the mini-workshop, my digitized Graphic Recordings provided participants with a unique take-home, as well as a great reference for those who were unable to attend, as Merianne Liteman mentioned in a follow-up email to all invitees, “Our graphic recorder, Hannah Sanford, has kindly sent us the images she made of her murals.  They do a beautiful job of capturing what we did in the four exercises we led participants through in our mini-workshop/learning event so we are sending this out to participants as well as people who had expected to attend but weren’t able to join us.”


It was definitely an exciting afternoon for everyone to reconnect with their alumni cohorts, meet amazing new people, and engage in the powerful energy of an offsite retreat environment. For even though this Creative Facilitation mini-workshop was only 3 hours in length, we all left energized and invigorated about why we do what we do, and with some new ideas about how to do it and some great new people with whom to collaborate!


This learning event was a great reminder of my wonderful experience at the Liteman-Rosse Creative Facilitation Certificate Program, now called Retreats That Work. 


If you are an OD or HR professional, MSOD student, or an external consultant / facilitator interested in bringing creative new facilitation exercises, tools and techniques to your repertoire, I highly recommend attending Retreats That Work (click on the orange link to learn more). It not only provided me with an intensive and immersion style Creative Facilitation experience and very cool cohort of fellow alumni, but inspired me to delve more deeply into understanding the theory and science behind OD itself.


As you know, I always love to hear your feedback, so share your creative facilitation stories in a blog comment or on social media!




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