Stereo Hearts has long been one of my favorite songs. Something about the beat, the narrative, and the refrain that all seem to swirl together in my mind as a veritable river of music, story and images. Some songs evoke a whole story that unfolds behind my eyes as I listen. I’m sure it happens for you too, right?!


Well, this time I decided to actually express my vision onto paper, and voila: a Studio Mural was born! (Click on the link to learn all about Studio Murals).


As with any project I did my research ahead of time: searching online for appropriate logos (like the font Gym Class Heroes uses for their name), and for the first time I watched the Stereo Hearts music video on YouTube. 


When creating a Studio Mural for my clients, I’m very careful to make everything consistent with their existing content so that there is continuity of their brand and messaging (including colors, fonts, exact wording, imagery, portraiture of the speakers, and the like). 


Usually this involves a fair amount of research, both on my own and also reviewing info my client sends me for what content to include in the Studio Mural and the aforementioned design elements such as proper fonts and color matching.


In this case, though, since the mural was being created for myself, for fun, I deliberately chose to stick with the images I saw in my head rather than try and recreate any part of the official video accompanying the Stereo Hearts song. As such, this Studio Mural is really my interpretation of their work, rather than a visual duplication of the Gym Class Heroes song. 


Usually I’m quite focused on the opposite: my job as a Graphic Recorder, Graphic Facilitator and Graphic Coach is to faithfully capture content on the wall mural as it’s created by my client and/or their participants. (Click on the links above to learn about the 3 different ways of working live).


It’s a very cool job: I get to be the mouthpiece of their / your voices that get captured and amplified through me onto the wall mural. 


Through me is the essential concept. While it’s clear that my body is fully present in the room with you, I’m also not present at all because I’m not giving a thought to my physical self. 


Rather I’m outside of myself, with you, listening deeply, and allowing the words, thoughts, images, colors and even the mood in the room to flow through me onto the paper. 


Listening at multiple levels, both the in the weeds details and the 30,000 foot big picture, brings a depth and breadth of understanding that finds its way into my murals. It’s exhilarating, very rewarding… and it takes courage.


I’m naturally an introvert, so it definitely takes some intentionality before each event to let go of my own concept of myself, including any self-consciousness that I may have about being in front of people. 


But I believe it’s an essential part of what I bring: the ability to let go of all else but being used by my work. And when that happens, it’s not ‘work’, it’s ‘play’ because time flies!


This Stereo Hearts Studio Mural was a fun project because time did fly, and it was a great exercise in allowing myself to express my own interpretation of the content.  

Let me know what you think: did I capture the mood and story of the Stereo Hearts song? 


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