Visual templates are very effective process tools, so I use them at every opportunity, especially in my Graphic Coaching practice, and on myself too!


This past Tuesday was the first new moon of our New Year. Because it fell on the 20th, a few weeks into January, the timing seemed perfect to assess progress on my New Year’s resolutions. 


And then, informed by my experiences to date, I could choose what to do next: either to complete the goal and move on, or to recommit to it and double down. 


To evaluate the growth I’ve made towards achieving each goal, I created a visual template to identify 5 different areas: 1. what I’ve done well; 2. what I’ve not done well; 3. what I want to acknowledge myself for; 4. what my choice is (complete or recommit) right now; and 5. what I’ll do differently going forward.


Being able to see each goal laid out this way all on the same page made it clear where I’d made progress, and where there was still ground for me to take. 


One of my goals this year was to achieve optimal well-being in the area of my health. I found that though I’d been feeling somewhat frustrated at not making as much progress as I’d hoped, that I was actually making consistent and regular improvements a little bit every day. 


Because my health and well-being is of upmost importance to me, it was an easy choice to double down on achieving this goal. But I specified going forward that it was essential to have FUN doing it rather than feeling frustrated. Phew, I feel much better already!


What goals do you have that are ripe for review? 


I’ve created a blank Complete or Recommit template for you to use to evaluate your progress toward achieving any goal, and what you’ll do going forward. Just click on the orange link to download the pdf file, and fill it out with your own info!


It only takes a few focused minutes of quiet reflection, a dollop of self-compassion and self-congratulation, and a clear choice to make going forward based on the information you see before you. You’ll be feeling both relieved and re-invigorated in no time!


I’d love to hear how the process and template works for you, so share your thoughts as a blog comment or on social media!


And when you’re ready to make significant progress towards achieving YOUR goals more quickly and with more fun, send me an email and we’ll get started…






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