As we near the end of our year and enjoy spending time together with loved ones during winter holiday celebrations, we often reflect back over the past months and years and talk story.

Gathering together and sharing our stories in a visual format dates back thousands of years: cave paintings have been found all around the world as a way of communicating and celebrating events with other prehistoric peoples.

But as beautiful as cave paintings are, you must go to the cave – it isn’t coming to you.


However, you CAN bring visual storytelling to your next family gathering! 


One creative couple invited me to create a mural of their love and journey together at their wedding reception celebration.


Before their big day, I interviewed them to understand the narrative of their lives together leading up to their wedding day. Based on our conversation I sketched a timeline onto the mural, and even integrated their photos right into the mural timeline. Of course the mural colors, fonts and design matched their decorating scheme, so it fit right in to everything they already had planned.


During the wedding reception, their mural was posted on a large flat wall, where everyone could see it evolve throughout the event. With their encouragement to participate, guests came up and shared their stories about how they knew the newlywed couple as I captured them in words and pictures on the mural.


Many guests came up again and again as they remembered more stories. By using this unique method of memorializing their event, it was a super cool way to actively involve their guests in their celebration.


After their wedding reception, I completed the final touches to their mural in my studio, and then had it digitized so they could share not only the original, but also digital versions with all their guests. 


Mandy and Than’s mural was created as a memory to celebrate their marriage on that beautiful day, and also refer to in years to come as they grow new lives together as a couple and family. They can look back on the well wishes that their guests wrote into the mural and share what has come to pass since then.


This year, bring the power and fun of visual storytelling to your own life events.


Whatever you’re celebrating –  weddings, reunions, retirements, anniversaries, and remembrances – can be told visually!


I’d be honored to facilitate the visual storytelling process for you and your family. Send me an email today and we’ll get started creating it together based on what you already have planned for your event!



Hannah XO



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