Are you facing a decision and don’t feel confident about your choice yet? 


That’s when a great Graphic Coach can really make a difference!


Using visual tools and templates to move people (myself included!) through a thought process to come to a confident decision is a very powerful experience. 


Recently I’ve been fairly frustrated with my living situation, and needing to choose whether to stay or move on from my current location.


Talking through the situation with a trusted friend or family member can often clarify desires and options. If they’re a good listener and have our best interests at heart, this can be very helpful.


But it can be difficult to find, right? For example, even though my Mum is really great at discussing ideas and options, her solutions always involve me moving closer to her location in northern New England. Which is quite a beautiful place, but not the best location for me, personally or professionally. 


So, while I regularly talk with my Mum and other friends and family, I also take the time to quietly reflect on what I really want. As I’m reflecting, I map it out on a visual template (like the one shown here) so I can literally SEE what I want.


I created this decision-making template to figure out whether I’d stay here or leave and find a new place. As you can SEE, the choice is obvious. 


Honestly, I didn’t even know that I liked it here that much until I saw it drawn out! And I was surprised that I’d let my frustration with my landlord color my overall satisfaction with my place and neighborhood. 


So, in addition to clarifying my decision, this simple visual exercise provided me with unexpected insights into myself. Bonus!


Now, along with my sense of relief at having made a decision of what direction I’m taking (in this case to stay), I can now proceed with an action plan. 


So, dear readers, what upcoming decisions do YOU need to make? 


Whatever it is that you’re weighing, I’m happy to give you a free copy of my decision-making visual template to use. Just click on the orange link to download the pdf file, and map it out with your own info!


Of course, I’d love to hear what you SEE for yourself… so do share your completed decision-making map and how the process goes for you in the comments section or on social media sites!







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