As you know I’ve just made the jump to being a full-time Visual Process Professional. For the past few years I’ve been working towards this goal in every moment I could find (vacations, nights, weekends, early mornings). 


Reminds me a bit of learning to play basketball, where I’d run into the gym for a few free throws every morning between the getting off the bus and the beginning of my first class.


During those early days, I developed a “sight, feel” mantra running thru my mind when shooting. Even now, my body automatically responds: my eyes lock onto the rim, my feet and shoulders square up, my legs bend to jump, and my hands grasp the ball in shooting position. 


Before and during my shot, I see the ball rolling off my fingertips in a graceful arc and swishing straight down through the net as my wrist wraps around the rim. Sometimes it doesn’t look as elegant as all that, and the ball may bounce around a bit, but more often than not it’s a successful shot. 


We all know the wonderful feeling of achieving a goal, be it on the basketball court or in business. I’ve wanted to launch myself into being a full time Visual Process Professional and Fine Artist for some time now.


But how would I know I was ready? Some criteria were tangible, such as a certain amount of money in the bank, a line of credit, an expanding client base, and the like. But how would I know that I was ready in my heart?

I realized I’d have to cultivate the same certainty of success that I felt on the basketball court. That feeling of knowing that each shot I took would score. And that even if it didn’t, I took the next shot with equal enthusiasm and certainty it would fall in. 


So how did I know I was ready to launch? Well, at some point this past year I noticed in myself a shift from hoping it would all work out, to KNOWING it would all work out…and even better than I could imagine! 


Mind you, I didn’t (and still don’t) know the details of how, when, who, or where it will all unfold… 


But I had a deep sense of certainty. That I was prepared enough to handle with skill and intuition whatever came along, and that I have a crack team around me to ask for support and expertise on any topic. 


Recently, when I shared my thoughts with a friend who’s been in business for many years, he replied “Your feelings about your future possibly being better than you can imagine is a great, great sign.  From the very beginning of my professional “journey” coming out of college, I often had that feeling in a very strong way. Those instincts proved out to be on track and the results were always greater than I imagined.”


Similar to my expectation of accomplishment that the basketball will fall through the net every time I take a shot, my sense of inevitable success in business now sustains and encourages me as I navigate this new adventure of being my own boss. 


Confidence both grounds and expands me, so that I can fully enjoy the who, why, when, where and how of my next Graphic Recording or Graphic Facilitation gig, my next Graphic Coaching client, what Painting I’ll create next, and the design of my next Studio Mural.


Now, as new clients call in, repeat clients want more work, and cool new people cross my path each day, my sense of certainty grows ever stronger, just like in basketball. 


Do you ever have this feeling, of complete certainty, without knowing the means yet? If so, spill the beans: let’s hear all about it!